About The Pizza Oven Company

Alfa pizza ovens have a history that started in 1977. The first ovens produced were the "Tradizionale" and "Master Vision" ovens followed by other products. In 2009, the team created a new product concept: the FornInox. The forefather of the range was the 5 Minuti oven. They have built 250,000 operating ovens in 37 years of business. Their strength lies in patience and commitment to the design and the creation of new solutions which increasingly meet the needs of the consumer. The Pizza Oven Company are proud to be selling these ovens in the UK.

With 37 years history of building ovens by hand in both refractory brick and cast refractory stone, Alfa have continued to expand their markets. The Pizza Oven Company see these Inox ovens as the perfect solution to complement a busy life, gone are the days when you need to light a fire an hour before you want to cook, the unique designs, high temperature insulation and refractory stone bases allow you to cook on these wood fired ovens within a few minutes of lighting the fire.

We even have gas versions of the ovens available.

These award winning ovens can be found in homes throughout the world.

Unlike other wood fired oven distributors The Pizza Oven Company pride themselves on selling only one range of pizza ovens, Alfa ovens! This gives our customers the confidence they need when dealing with a member of the Pizza Oven team to answer all there questions.

The range of Alfa wood fired ovens is large, the Inox range are perfect for indoor or outdoor use where a ready built wood fired oven is required, ready to cook within a few minutes of unpacking, these wood fired ovens will soon become a focal point of any home, The modular wood fired ovens are perfect for building in, The Pizza Oven Company can assist in all aspects from design to implementation, we have a directly employed specialist fabrication team for those unique items. Our team will tend to your every enquiry no matter how large or small, giving you the reassurance you need when buying a wood or gas fired oven.